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A Personalized Approach to Your Business Planning Needs

  • Key Man Insurance

  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Immediate Debt Elimination

  • Executive Compensation Programs

  • Business Succession Programs

  • Building their own Private Banking Mechanism

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To help our clients better understand the mechanics of money and the impact of strategies that can help them fulfill life's wishes and contribute to those they care about.

Our Vision

To have an army of client advocates feeling so secure and confident in their financial decision-making that they empower those they care about to do the same.

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For Business

Our Unique Perspective

Unlike most financial planners, we at ADL Financial & Insurance Agency fully understand that a business owner’s best rate of return will almost always come from within their business. There they have more access, knowledge, and control than they do with the financial markets. That said, we specialize in engineering strategies that put a strong emphasis on principal protection, tax efficiency, and layers of asset protection while keeping the owner’s eventual business exit strategy in mind.

The business is the engine that fuels the owner’s wealth building. However, we often find the majority of their wealth is is concentrated inside their business, where most of the risk also resides. We encourage our entrepreneur clients to create a level of separation and to take some winnings off the table to bolster their personal balance sheet. We strive to create layers of tax sheltering and asset protection around this personal wealth while keeping sufficient liquidity available should they need to reinvest in their most prized asset – the business.


For Individuals and Families

Your Source for Wealth Building, College Planning, Retirement & Protection

We work with our clients to discover what living a wealthy life means to them, not just in retirement, but today. Since many of our clients’ financial goals will come long before retirement, we help them understand how the various parking lots for money work with regard to liquidity, risk, and taxation characteristics. More importantly, we show clients how certain blends of products and strategies can complement each other to create an optimal balance for their near and long-term goals.

We find that over time clients have adopted several different isolated strategies, all for different reasons, something we refer to as “junk drawer financial planning.” Each idea may have started with good intentions, but after years of neglect and auto-pilot the different strategies usually start working against each other, especially as life changes outside the junk drawer. Do all your different financial products and strategies still play nicely with each other? Did they ever? Or was each initiated as a reaction to a situation or an emotional urge?

We aim to make complex concepts simple, uncomfortable conversations comfortable, and to replace a sea of conflicting opinions with understandable facts so that our clients can take action with confidence knowing their situation is optimally balanced.

Our expertise is keeping clients safe. Find out more about our insurance products today.

A Bit About Us

For the last 20 years, ADL Financial & Insurance Agency has been offering clients the best possible planning for individual, family and business needs. As one of the leading insurance agencies in the greater Los Angeles area, we have built quite the clientele by maintaining a strict client-comes-first approach. If you are looking to do business with a top notch agency that does everything in its power to ensure your satisfaction, contact us today. Our experts are here for your every planning need and will be happy to supply you with a free consultation.

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